side by side

side by side

this is a quick little edit
of the hidden track on fancy footwork
i both got tired of skipping to or waiting
for it and the fact that it was only 40 secs
so this is a slightly longer club chop of it
chromeo - side by side (sidney looper edit)


our first time

nite shelbie
sidney looper & shelb - our first time
we did this a few weeks ago
in a bathroom
with a crappy computer mic
so yeah


072408 mix

sidney looper - 072408 mix
i kinda worked this out in
my head a few weeks ago
and decided to do it today

tracks: (72mb 62mins)
bob sinclar - ultimate funk
siriusmo - wow (modeselektor edit)
bounce camp - big dancin
sneaker pimps - spin spin sugar (armand's bonus dub)
bobmo - to the bobmobile (kazey and bulldog remix)
mia - bamboo banga
dj technics - get up on it
scottie b - never be alone (scottie b, samir & king tutt remix)
dj khaled - so hood (kazey & bulldog bmore remix)
trinere & pretty tony - they're playing our song
herve - cheap thrills (the count remix)
masta ace inc - jeep ass gutter (vocal)
felix da housecat - like something 4 porno (armand van helden remix)
robyn - who's that girl (drop the lime dub mix)
the count of monte cristal - bounce that ass
buy now - body crash (laidback luke remix)
green velvet - shake and pop
agentlovelette - flat booty (e-40 vs mr oizo)
dj blaqstarr - check me out like
adele - cold shoulder (basement jaxx classic remix)
sneaker pimps - spin spin sugar (armand's bonus dub)



aural love sm

more sidmojuloopations
this one has him on
and me squeezin the ducks
my favorite part is around 7:30
when i tell him to stop an effect
and he stops everything,
says "oh damn it" and we keep goin
ill post some more soon
since i recorded 2 45-minute chunks

we still havent got a midi hub
so our timing is controlled by gravity
and his lack of ram

sidmojuloopation - r2 unit recall



fight theme
tombstone (deathmix)
need to dddisco
body jacqin


god, rumours sucks

agentlovelette - walk this out
so it appears that i still
do things, i pulled this one out
of the deathbin
i made it... last march i guess
atleast thats what it says

unk - walk it out
dire straits - walk of life
run dmc vs aerosmith - walk this way
dj shadow - walkie talkie


acid trax

sidney looper - acid trax
i did these last summer
its just a collection of
acid experiments
for the completists




sidney looper - flirtin riddim
i did this back in november
it samples a fox the fox song
and i based the changes around
a jackie-o and ying yang track
so here it is with those vocals over it
sidney looper - that bitch is flirtin


tracks of my tears

sidney looper - tear tracks
grinding at a song for a long time
really becomes mentally abusive
so ive started taking "breaks"
and doing something different
and less brain intensive
like talking dirty to smooth music
i beat on this one with sing-sing
and a possibly unnecessary 808
its trash and if you dont like it
dont eat it



also coming sooooon: sidmoju-loopation (live!)
really bad preview:
sidmojuloopation - yesbutno battery (live!)
no mixer/no midi/no-fi
with voice-overs, commentary
and random stories by whoever
happens to be sitting there



turned out

sidney looper - turn it out
this will be the last disco one for a bit
im gonna switch gears back to
bass sweat and tears


body loops

up in your body
sidney looper - get up in your body
heres something new to you
since i havent put up
anything in awhile