june mix


this months mix is a 2-parter
since its actually a tape i made for my friend jessica
most of it isnt even mixed and just runs together

sidney looper - jessicassette (side a)

sidney looper - jessicassette (side b)

side a:
home video - the penguin
husky rescue - rainbow flows
scissor sisters - it can't come quickly enough
lacquer - x
melee beats - make it right
phoenix - holdin on together
pacific - hot lips
the model - do you believe in angels
tesla boy - spirit of the night
time bandits - only shooting love
priors - what you need

side b:
fibes oh fibes - get up
codebreaker - i-g harmony
bag raiders - shooting stars
the presets - this boys in love (lifelike remix)
stardust - music sounds better with you (bob sinclar mix)
philip oakey & giorgio moroder - together in electric dreams
seymour bits - all alone
chromeo - 100%
cameo - attack me with your love
metronomy - a thing for me


may mix

dub death

sidney looper - dub death (mix)
a lowlowlowlow dubstep mix

sidney looper - killer vibes
timeblind - strategy decay
surgeon - bad hands break part ii (roly vexd remix)
xi - smoke signal
funckarma - nays of dight
bass clef - welcome back to echo chamber
cauto - bona vida
zomby - dripping like water
rsd - jah way
spherix - goblin
compound one - the rider
sidney looper - dancehall dancecall
pinch - punisher (skreams heavy duty remix)
modeselektor - the black block (rustie remix)
dub and run (16 bit) - flat beat